Releasing the Past: The First Step to Rebuilding

By Deborah Price, CEO & Founder of The Money Coaching Institute

When it comes to money, almost everyone has a story lately. Unfortunately, many of the stories I’m hearing these days are filled with hard times, bad luck, loss, sadness, anger and resentment. Don’t get me wrong, I know that these stories are real and that there is pain and hardship associated with them…which I have deep compassion for.But as a Money Coach, I know all too well the dangers of becoming trapped in your story and the potentially disabling effect that it can have on your life. I know that many of you have been deeply impacted by this financial crisis and recession, but I want you to know that your financial circumstances are not who you are, so please…don’t become identified with them personally.

It is essential that you process your story (i.e. what happened to you) quickly so that you can move it outside of your being before it has a chance to take permanent residence. You must find a way to forgive and release what has happened, whether it was the loss of your home, your job, or your investments. Let it be done so that you can be free to move forward into the future and to creating the life you do want.

When we fail to release the past, we simply carry it with us everywhere. Over time, we can begin to identify with our story and the past so closely that we miss out on the present and the future simply becomes a repeat performance of yesterday. This is called an “unconscious self-fulfilling prophecy” and it is impossible to win at life when we are trapped inside this vicious cycle. The next phase of your life is actually waiting for you now. But you are only free to claim it when you willing to release the past, and to forgive yourself and others.

People ask me all the time to share my story with them and I always respond the same way. I tell them that my story is no longer real or very interesting to me. Telling it feels more like a fictional tale that I occasionally entertain myself with. It amuses, but doesn’t truly interest me. However, if you ask me to share with you something about my life today and my vision for the future…now that’s a story I’m excited to share.

What has happened to you and to most of us, in this economic meltdown is real, but it isn’t who you are. Unless of course, you let it be by not learning from the experience and letting it go. Resist the temptation of becoming a “victim” of your circumstances and story. Instead, I challenge you to become the “victorious” hero or heroine in your own “Divine Drama” (or comedy, if you choose!) We can begin to do this by taking inventory of all that we still have and all that we’ve have gained, in spite our losses. Sometimes, it is necessary to lose everything in order to regain everything and to rebuild from a place of balance and gratitude for what really matters. You have it within you to begin again. I invite you to begin writing the next chapter of your “Divine Drama” today.

Peace & Blessings,


About Shags

My business partner, Deborah Price, and I are Money Coaches, which is very different from Financial Planners. We work with the heart and spirit of money, which includes how you feel, think, and react when a money issue arises. These can be at home, at work, at the store -- wherever you feel challenged or triggered by money or the feelings it brings into your life. Many of these will be reposts of Deborah's blogs on other sites. I maintain this and other blogs for business and pleasure. May they serve you well.
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2 Responses to Releasing the Past: The First Step to Rebuilding

  1. Manjit says:

    Very well put together. I like the way you have released the past so that you can concentrate on the here and the now. Everybody seems to be talking about Money right now and in a very negative way. We need to be reminded how to deal with it. Thank you Money Coach.

  2. Claire says:

    Great post. More on processing would be great too. Thanks!

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